This is where our belief that transparency is key to any business really shines.

Accepting payments online is a source of pain and frustration for many, largely due to the intricacies surrounding the payment processing fees and understanding your business demands and how they impact processing fees.


At GlobiPay, we believe in full transparency and that means charging a low flat fee about the interchange rate so you get the best prices and we get enough to ensure we can continue providing the best possible service at all times.


The interchange is the basic cost of processing a credit card transaction. With each swipe of a card, numerous entities are involved in ensuring the payment is authorized and the money taken from your clients and transferred into your account.  To perform these actions, it is necessary to pay certain fees to the credit card associations such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. Each card has a unique transaction fee and that is commonly known as the interchange.


As a Merchant Service Provider, or MSP, GlobiPay gets preferred rates that we transfer directly to you, our clients.


We can work with several different pricing methods, but our favorite is the interchange plus, as opposed to others in our field, we don't mind that you see how much we make… 












Why Clients Love Paying Above Interchange


The alternative to paying above the interchange is paying a flat fee rate which does not take into account your specific business needs, industry and clientele type. By selecting a payment processor that offers interchange pricing, you get to enjoy the exclusive GlobiPay Merchant Service Provider rates and pay a small pre-set rate above the low interchange.


No surprises – no hassle!


We believe that companies do not have to be evil in order to profit. Our profit margins are flat and fixed for all clients and you will never see a hidden fee or charge from GlobiPay – and that’s our promise.



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