Your safety is our concern.


We are committed to ensuring your business data and sensitive customer information is secure, offering the most advanced certification level.


GlobiPay is PCI-DSS compliant, and is a pioneer in merchant account security. By making sure transactions are handled in a PCI and SSL secured environment, we provide a robust and improved framework from which you can securely process credit card transactions from anywhere and on any device using any card.


Being PCI Secure means we employ the best practices for your business and minimize your exposure to risk and potential harm. When consumers purchase services or goods on your website our application, information is automatically directed to our secure vault and encrypted, giving you and your clients maximum protection. All sensitive information is encrypted in a segmented network and encryption keys are generated and rotated every day to improve security.


Do I need to be PCI Compliant? The short answer is yes. All organizations that enable credit card processing will require that your merchant bank account be PCI compliant. Globipay goes above and beyond offering you the most secure environment by meeting the strictest regulations.


Using GlobiPay to process payments is even easier than you think! We offer multiple integration solutions within our payment gateway so you can get the advanced benefits of processing your online payments with GlobiPay from any device and accept any card from any location!


Explore our API integration solutions below:


Three-Step Redirect API


The Three Step Redirect is the preferred API for customized web-based payment processing. Using this integration method significantly reduces a merchant's PCI footprint without sacrificing end-user look and feel. This method is required when using Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode (Payer Authentication).


Direct Post API

The Direct Post method is the simplest integration method for both web-based and non web-based payment applications, however, merchants using this integration method should have passed a PCI vulnerability scan before use.


Mobile API


The Mobile API supports iOS and Android based devices. These SDKs include a mobile card reader library which simplifies integrations for applications requiring encrypted mobile card readers. Additionally, an end-to-end encryption library is included, allowing merchants to send both swiped and keyed-in payment information without ever touching any sensitive data.


Query API


The Query API allows merchants to download a detailed stream of transaction data. This dataset can then be used to create in-house reports and analytics.


QuickClick Shopping Cart


QuickClick is a great option for e-commerce merchants who do not have an IT team or developer on staff. A button-generator is included, which allows merchants to create website links to products and services without any previous development experience.


Third Party Shopping Carts


There are a number of third party shopping carts that have integrated to the payment gateway. This is the best option for merchants who need a full featured turn-key shopping cart out of the box.



If you are looking to simplify your online payment processing through the use of a shopping cart plug in, you’re in luck! Globipay supports over 175 shopping carts, so you can always enjoy our competitive rates on the eCommerce platform of your choice. 


Shopping carts such as Magento, 3DCart etc require integration with a payment gateway through API – we simplified this for you by integrating with the most popular shopping carts in advance so all you have to do is plug in your GlobiPay account details and you’re ready to process payments online.


Click here for our  integrated shopping carts, if your shopping cart is not listed, contact us - we most probably are! 

Shopping Carts



Your business at a glance


Enjoy real-time business analytics and reporting with GlobiPay from day one.


Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, understanding your revenue generation is your primary concern. To help you manage the different payment channels, understand your churn rate and get an accurate view of your ROI at any given point, we offer all our clients advanced reporting capabilities no matter how big or small your business is.


Want to get daily reports of payments processed? No problem!


Want to see a summary of your weekly transactions? You got it!


Looking for lost opportunities in your shopping cart? We’re on it! What are we going to show them here?


No matter what report you want to generate, or what aspect of your revenue stream you want to explore, our custom reporting capabilities will ensure you have the information you need whenever you need it.